August 10, 2009

Henna, Henna, Where's the Henna???

Sooooo... I received a funny email late last night from a customer who absolutely LOVES Karishma Henna!

Quote: "Hi I just checked your website and I didn’t see the KARISHMA HERBAL HENNA listed. Did those greedy women on the LHCF (Long Hair Care Forum) wipe you out ? I know I should have ordered more when I ordered, because I knew once they found out, it would be all over. When do you think you’ll have more available?"

As I read this, I feel both excitement and nervousness as my heart races. I'm thinking that someone must have ordered every last bag in my inventory! I didn't know whether to jump for joy or groan inside.

I look to check and the inventory still looks the same. No new orders came in for all of the Karishma henna while I slept.

So good news! There's still plenty of Karishma henna available! There was a glich in the matrix, ladies. You can still order it. Sorry for the scare.

Now for the bad news.... I was wiped out of Godrej Nupur Henna over the weekend. I will have to see how soon I will have that in again and let the Nupur Henna lovers know.

In the meantime, you all should really check out the Seasons Dulhan henna. It's the same high quality henna that's sold for a lot higher on other sites. It's a Rajasthani henna blended with Amla, Aritha, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Shikakai, and other herbs and very finely sifted.

I also moved the Hesh Mehandi Powder, which is also 100% henna, to join the listing of hennas.

Ok, so there's the Henna updates for now..... back to work I go!


LHCF member said...

I would think that a vendor would be pleased to have such a large amount of women want to conduct business with you. Calling LHCF women greedy (or agreeing with jilted customers who think so, and "groaning" when you become so popular, you sell out of product) isn't very nice.

Ekua said...

I'm sorry, but for whatever reason, this post just appeared.

It was meant to be a funny story. The woman who sent the email is very active on LHCF. In good fun, she was talking about a possible rush on a product that tends to be hard to find. As for my groaning, it wasn't about being ungrateful or thinking that LHCF women are greedy, it was about being suddenly and unexpectedly being out of stock where I had just resupplied that particular product. If you read again, you will see that I first said, "I didn't know whether to jump for joy... " No offense was meant to anyone from myself or the emailer.

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