January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Greetings Ayurved Heads!

I hope your holidays were enjoyable and relaxing! Its a new year and new things are happening at AyurNatural Beauty.

If you've been following the store's Facebook page, then you already know the store is being stocked with new ayurvedic herbs. Many were devastated by the loss of Hesh powders, but as explained in a previous newsletter, given the uncertainty surrounding Hesh and the recall in Canada, it was best to discontinue selling Hesh herbs. Many waited patiently for the arrival of these new herbs and the wait is now over! You can take a sneak peak at all of AyurNatural Beauty's herbs on the site.

As a bonus, long lost Karishma Herbal Henna has returned to stock! Its available NOW!

In this New Year, AyurNatural Beauty will continue to stock your favorite ayurvedic herbs as well as stock new products and product lines throughout the year. While there are products that we already have planned to include into our offerings, ANB remains open to product suggestions, so never hesitate to let me know!

Shipping Cost Increases - Now for a little bad news... as you know, with a new year, there are usually price increases made by shipping carriers to cover their increased costs. This was the case for 2011 and went into effect on Jan 3 and 4th for both USPS and UPS. What this means is that at checkout, you will see the price increases reflected in shipping costs. The quotes are still real-time direct quotes from the carrier as AyurNatural Beauty is not in the business to make money on shipping costs.

Shipping, Returns, and Cancellations Policy - Please note that our policies for shipping, returns, and cancellations have changed. This change took place in November before Thanksgiving holiday. Our former order processing times was 1-3 business days to ship an order. During the holidays, it was best to increase that time to 1-5 business days as order influx increased. At this time, 1-5 business days for shipping will remain in effect until noted otherwise. Please plan accordingly and if an order is needed by a certain date, there are priority and express shipping options available at checkout. Additionally, ANB continues to stress that we cannot be responsible for carrier delays, lost/stolen packages, or when incorrect addresses are provided cause packages to be delayed or returned. Our complete store shipping policy can be reviewed here. Lastly, if you have questions or concerns, feel free to send an inquiry.

Well, I think that's all for now...... oh wait.... that's right... I mentioned something about a sale for the New Year.... stay tuned this week of Jan 10th. If you aren't a Facebook follower or subscribed to the newsletter, you should do one or both now!

Signing off for now...

~ Ayurlista


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